Kiki Epstein Elefant was Born 1956 in Tel Aviv, Israel
Lives and works in Herzliya, Israel


M.A. Executive Master’s Program in Political Communication, Tel Aviv University, 2010
Literature Studies in the M.A. Studies of Hebrew Literature, Tel Aviv University, 2002-2004
Photography Studies with Israeli Artists 1991-1995
B.A. The Department of Political Science, Tel Aviv University, 1980


2012 Conversations with Women, Work in process
2010 Red Lines, Bread and Roses, Fair Trade calendar
2009 Saving Face, International Women’s Day, Dallal Restaurant, Tel Aviv
2005 Yeshayahu Leibowitz, Mail Art,Israel
2004 Name of The Father, Mail Art, Israel
2000 Balance, Tight Rope, Arad Museum & Bat Yam Museum
1998 Masking, Condition Report, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1996 Hands, Art on Billboards, Israel
1996 A Plumb, Some Things, Art Focus, Artists House, Jerusalem
1996 Tales, Lies, Facts ,Truisms, from Both Sides of the Mediterranean, Art Focus, Bat-Yam Museum of Art
1996 I Can go On Now, Kidmat Eden Gallery, Tel Aviv
1995 Cell No. 13, Limbus Gallery, Tel aviv